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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

Your HVAC Needs A Surge Protector

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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

In the last few weeks, our number one reason for being called out for a faulty HVAC system has been due to power surges. We’re no strangers to a power outage… Texas experiences hundreds of blackouts and brownouts yearly – more often during this time of year with the nonstop summer storms. Lightning, heavy rain, and even random utility occurrences can cause a power surge.

Why Your HVAC Need a Surge Protector: Power Surges

While most power surges seem insignificant, over in literally a blink of an eye, they can cause considerable damage over time. Power surges can affect the motors in the HVAC system causing the system to fail faster or even require immediate replacement.

Your Warranty

Keep in mind, most manufacturers do not cover power surge damage – meaning even if your system is brand spankin’ new, power surge damage will not be covered under warranty. A whole-home surge protector is a preventative way to make sure you protect your investments. It safeguards not only your HVAC system but household appliances and electronics, as well.

Think of it as insurance for your HVAC system – you have insurance on your house and your car, why not have insurance on your units as well?

We care

We care about your comfort and the longevity of your unit, that’s why we’re sending out this message to help you protect your system. We don’t install whole-home surge protectors as this is an electrical project, but any licensed electrician should be able to help you out with this. 

Need a recommendation for a licensed electrician that can get the job done?

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