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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

Should I Repair or Replace My AC Unit?

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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

Everybody dreads the moment the A/C gives out.  Poor air conditioning can lead to a worse night’s sleep, lower quality air, and an irritable household – especially in the Texas heat!

Stay ahead of the game: a well-maintained A/C unit can last an average of 10 to 15 years. Whether yours is an older model or was installed recently, it’s time to ask if you should repair or replace your A/C.

Whatever the condition of your system, we have the solution: efficient, functional A/C to keep your home at an optimal temperature and humidity.  

Read on to find out if it’s time to repair or replace your A/C.

Common A/C Issues

Even the most well-maintained A/C units can fall foul of these common troubleshooters. Whether you need a repair or a new A/C unit, our guide helps you notice indicators for the most common A/C issues before you suffer a critical failure. 

Does your A/C unit grate, rattle, tick, or whine? Are you experiencing decreases in airflow? Are you noticing a strange gas, burning, or musty smell when the A/C is running? These are all warning signs that you may require an A/C repair service.

Other common issues to look for include fluid leakage, poor A/C response, and unit short-cycling. We offer both repairs and preventative maintenance programs to keep you cool when it matters.

Maintainance and Repair

If your system is less than 10 years old, don’t be so quick to replace it entirely- it could be a simple matter of repair. 

You can maintain the longevity of your system on even the tightest A/C repair budget. Consider joining our VIP Maintenance Program. Our experts offer a comprehensive diagnostic service as well as speedy repairs with discounts offered to our VIP members!

A good A/C repair service could be the difference between an uncomfortable home or office environment and a well-conditioned oasis of cool.   

New A/C Units

Older A/C units are inefficient and ineffective. If your electricity bill has sky-rocketed, this could be a sign your AC unit is nearing the end of its lifetime.

Frequent breakdowns in a system over 10 years old may also indicate the need to install a new AC unit. While an AC repair service may rectify occasional faults, you should address regular issues, and replace the unit with a new, modern model.

A new system can provide a more energy-efficient performance and streamline your whole environment – and save you money on your energy bill!

If your system is over ten years old, consider complete system replacement.

Repair or Replace? Ask the Experts

So that’s the 101 on A/C repair and replacement. Whatever the age and condition of your system, be cool this summer with an expertly repaired or newly installed A/C unit for your home or business.

Our Be Cool echnicians can diagnose, repair or replace your faulty A/C unit today. We also offer a 24-hour answering service – feel free to call us anytime to schedule an appointment.

Contact us today to book an appointment, or for a free estimate. 

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