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Did you know we actually advise against getting your ducts cleaned? It’s true. Here’s why you shouldn’t get your ducts cleaned:

  1. Can cause ducts to shred even more
  2. Spend thousands for “cleaning”, there’s no point in spending that much money for duct cleaning that will potentially cause more damage – put that money towards complete duct replacement
  3. Ducts only need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years
  4. Never been shown to actually prevent health problems
  5. Other factors that decrease indoor air quality – cooking, cleaning, smoking, pollutants from outdoor — have a higher risk of affecting indoor air quality
  6. We will inspect ducts and recommend what the best options are for you


  1. Add a media filter cabinet
    1. Improves indoor air quality
    2. Indoor air can become even more contaminated than the outside: pet dander and hair, dust, pollen, mold spores, allergy-inducing particles and more. 
    3. Media filters in the attic connected to the furnace can capture small particles with greater efficiency.
    4. Filters the circulating air
    5. Higher MERV rating = more efficient than the disposable wall filters
    6. Lasts longer, only have to replace every to 6 to 8 months – depending on the traffic in home. If you have pets, allergies, high traffic in home, recommend changing more frequently.
  2. Add a UV light
    1. Been used for its bacteria-killing properties for centuries
    2. Currently embraced as an effective way to disinfect air
    3. Kills bacteria, viruses and germs
    4. Kills mold and allergens
    5. Reduces smells and odors
    6. Prevents growth and build-up on your HVAC system, improving airflow and system efficiency
    7. System works less = energy efficient
    8. Great way to keep sickness from spreading
    9. Great for allergy relief
    10. Improves overall indoor air quality


DUCT REPLACEMENT – Be Cool offers a great Winter Discount on duct replacement! Give us a call if you would like a free estimate or have any questions!

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