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5 Trouble signs for your HVAC Unit

In Houston, AC units tend to work overtime A/C much longer and later into the year than many other areas of the country. That means there could be AC issues that pop up forcing an urgent call to an AC repair company like Be Cool.  It’s important to know the 5 Trouble signs for your HVAC Unit, This helps you know when HVAC system is breaking down so that we can make the necessary repairs before the problem worsens.

5 Trouble signs for your HVAC Unit.


You’ll notice these right away. Decreases in airflow or sporadic intervals could mean your HVAC system is breaking down from age or working too hard.


A drainage problem is generally hard to catch because most homeowners aren’t familiar with where or what to look for. Water should not be pooling up anywhere around your unit or in the drain/drip pan. If you see this in any capacity, please reach out.


If your HVAC unit is hooked up to gas and you smell sulfur, take the issue seriously, vacate and call the gas company. There could be an issue with your unit, gas line or both.


Have a burning smell while the unit is running? Don’t hesitate to call us. It could be an electrical issue that could lead to a fire.


Musty smell = mold. If there is moisture trapped in your HVAC system it creates the perfect environment for mold spores. Living in Houston it’s even more of an issue and danger to your health.

If you need AC repair in Houston, the Be Cool Team can help! Locally owned and operated, we understand how important your home’s air conditioning unit is. Give us a call today to get a free estimate!”

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