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New HVAC Tech That Could Benefit You

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In Houston, it gets hot real quick. From about May to October, we Houstonians have to deal with the summer heat. With technology on the rise, there are many ways for you to upgrade your system to make it more efficient and comfortable for you and your family.

We want to share our top 4 new HVAC tech that can help you prepare for climbing temps!

1. All things SMART

Smart ACs, smart controllers, and programmable thermostats offer numerous benefits. Along with comfort and convenience, you can achieve energy savings by setting triggers to activate your HVAC unit exactly when you need it. This ensures that the unit would not be running unnecessarily throughout the day and thus saving energy.

2. High-efficiency Systems

The new high-efficiency HVAC systems are not only energy-efficient, but also contain noise reduction technology and a sleek design. Say goodbye to the bulky, loud units of the past!

3. Filtration systems are becoming more complex

Our complete system installs come with a whole-home media filter cabinet. This addition to your home is worry-free (only has to be changed about once a year!) and will capture smaller particles with greater efficiency. With this 4” thick filter in the attic, there’s no need for the paper-thin filters in your walls and ceilings!

4. UV lights

UV lights have been used for centuries for bacteria-killing purposes. Why wouldn’t we put them in our HVAC systems?! The UV light technology allows small particles to bunch together, making it easier for the media filter to capture them. It will significantly reduce bacteria, viruses, germs, and odors.

Technology is here, and it’s here to stay, even in the HVAC world. It’s here to make your quality of life better! We have seen this proven time and time again doing our AC maintenance in Houston.If you have questions about any of this new tech, please give us a call at (832) 906-6113 or fill out our online booking form.

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