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Your HVAC system needs some help after winter, what now?

It’s March and as you know Houston Summer is literally right around the corner. It’s time to start ticking the check boxes on our HVAC systems to get Summer ready.

We want to share our top 6 things to make sure you’re ready for climbing temps.

1. First things first: Safety

Turn off the circuit breaker before working on your air conditioning system. Be sure to turn off the power to the condenser at the service panel before working on your air conditioner unit. Be sure to switch off the condenser near the unit too.

2. Clean or Replace the Filters

After you have accounted for safety, go ahead and start with your filters. These will need to be cleaned or completely replaced. These should be replaced routinely throughout the year.

3. Clean the Air Conditioner’s Condenser Coils

Clean your air conditioning unit’s condenser coils and fan of debris. You’ll find this in the unit outside. Sometimes these will be fairly clear of debris, but if it’s been uncovered for any amount of time there may be leaves or dirt to clear. You’ll want to use a soft brush or vacuum as to not damage the coils.

4.Check and clear the drain

Make sure the drain is clear. Clean up any excess water inside the unit. Once everything is cleared and cleaned, reassemble the condenser.

5. Check the Coolant Lines

You’ll want to check the insulation foam to make sure all foam is covering the lines and there aren’t any bald spots or frays. These lines have to stay insulated.

6. Get Your Annual A/C Check

You’ll want to get your A/C system serviced by a professional before running it during the summer. This is a preventative way to resolve small issues before they become big ones. Maintenance on your units is almost required by most manufacturers to maintain warranty. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

We hope this was helpful as you gear up for summer! If it any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (832) 906-6113 or fill out our booking form.

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