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Heating Furnace Maintenance Can Improve Your Health

heating furnace maintenance can improve your health here in Houston
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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

We are now deep into winter here in Houston. And wintertime can be synonymous with colds, flu and even now COVID. It really is an important time to take care of your health, and if you haven’t had your heating furnace looked over to make sure it’s properly working, you could be missing one of the steps you can do to keep healthy this winter. Here is why heating furnace maintenance can improve your health here in Houston.

Constant Temperature.

Here in Houston, it can go from freezing in the morning to ’60s and even ’70s in the afternoon. That up and down in temperature can weaken your immune system making you more susceptible to illness. Having your heating furnace maintained can spot any issues in your heating system and allow you to take care of them quickly. This way, when it gets cold here in Houston, you can provide a constant temperature throughout the house.

Clean and Clear Air.

If you have an outdoor unit, make sure to check for leaves, pollen, dirt, sticks or other debris. Clean the Your furnace can have dust and pollen built up over the course of on non-use through the summer months. Using your furnace without having a maintenance check on it first, you could be pushing those contaminants throughout your home. Not to mention you’re not properly cleaning the air that comes into your home and goes through your furnace. A properly maintained furnace during the wintertime will help sanitize the air you breathe in your home, reducing the chance of getting sick and helping you breath better.

Prevents Carbon Monoxide Leaks and Other Poisonous Dangers.

Furnace and heating maintenance will help to keep you and your family safe from poisonous gases. Home furnaces produce heat through burning fuel, and it is important to ensure that the combustion process is efficient. A problem in the furnace system can cause a gas leak or carbon monoxide leaks. If left unchecked, it can make you or your family very sick or worse

Furnace and Heater Breakdowns Can Affect Your Health.

Regular furnace and heating maintenance helps prevent heater breakdowns and repairs when it counts the most. This not only saves you time and money but helps keep you healthy as well. It is all too possible that without regular furnace and heating maintenance, your furnace can break down during one of these cold snaps we have here in Houston. If your house is not properly heated during one of those cold snaps, it can be a contributing factor to you becoming ill because you can not regulate the temperature in the home, nor sanitize the air and keep germs out.

Is It REALLY Necessary to Have My Furnace Maintained Once a Year?

We understand, Houston families are very busy, and it is very easy to think you can just skip getting your furnace checked and fix it later. But keeping your family healthy has never been more important than now. And if one of those steps to keeping your family healthy is to get your Houston furnace maintenance done instead of skipping it, then yes, it is absolutely necessary.

Whether you need Furnace maintenance in Houston or it’s time for installation of your Northwest Houston-area home, Be Cool AC and Heating has you covered! Be Cool AC and Heating will give you award-winning AC repair, maintenance, & replacement service in Northwest Houston. Call (832) 906-6113 or contact us online now to schedule your HVAC service.

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