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Signs Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

Signs Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

When it comes to keeping your home in Houston comfortable during hot summer months, a well-working air conditioner is pretty much a must. However, like any other appliance, your air conditioner can break down or lose its efficiency over time. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your AC? In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the telltale signs that your AC needs to be replaced.

Age of the unit

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is around 10-15 years. If your AC is approaching or has exceeded this age, it may be time to consider a replacement. Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, it’s important to remember that older units are less efficient and may be more prone to breakdowns.

Frequent Repairs

We understand that homeowners would rather have their air conditioner last the longest possible duration. If you constantly call the repairman repeatedly and need to swap out parts, it could be time to look into having the AC replaced by reputable and experienced experts like Be Cool AC & Heating in Houston, TX. Spending money on maintenance that temporarily extends the unit’s life is wasteful and can strain a family’s finances.

We understand that replacing your air conditioner may not always be possible. Consequently, the experts at Be Cool AC & Heating in Houston, TX, will let you know when it’s time to replace your system so you can budget accordingly.

Increasing energy bills

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your energy bills over the past few months, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is no longer operating at peak efficiency. Older or malfunctioning AC units require more energy to run, which can result in higher utility bills. If you’ve ruled out other possible causes for the increase in your energy bills, such as a spike in energy rates or changes in your usage habits, it may be time to replace your AC.

Poor airflow

If your air conditioner is no longer providing adequate airflow, it may be a sign that your unit is on its last legs. Poor airflow can be caused by a number of issues, such as clogged air filters, damaged ductwork, or a failing compressor. If you’ve checked and replaced the air filter and the problem persists, it’s best to have a professional assess the situation and advise on whether it’s time to replace your AC.

Cooling is not Efficient.

Of course, something is wrong with your air conditioner if it isn’t producing cool air. There might be a lot of causes, such as insufficient Freon or a faulty compressor.

Get a pro to look at it, or file a claim with selective if you have a replacement warranty with them. Avoid the heat immediately; it is not necessary to wait. Replacement could be more cost-effective than repair if the damage is severe. a pretty penny. If the bills keep piling up, it may be time to look into replacing the whole thing.

Foul smells

If you notice any unpleasant or foul smells coming from your air conditioner, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Musty or moldy smells could indicate a buildup of bacteria or mold in your unit, which can be a health hazard. Burning or electrical smells could indicate a problem with the wiring or other internal components. If you notice any foul smells coming from your AC, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional and consider a replacement if necessary.

Excessive humidity

One of the main functions of an air conditioner is to remove moisture from the air and maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home. If you’ve noticed that your home feels excessively humid, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is no longer working properly. This could be due to a variety of issues, such as a clogged condensate drain or a refrigerant leak. In some cases, replacing your AC may be the best solution to resolve the issue.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your air conditioner. While a new AC unit may seem like a big investment, it can save you money in the long run. If you are in the Houston area, call Be Cool AC & Heating for a free evaluation and estimate on your AC system.

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