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HVAC 101: How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

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Air Conditioning & Heating, Serving Northwest Houston

Jack Frost came knocking on your door this winter, you and your HVAC system survived it, but spring is coming and it’s time to get your system ready for spring and summer.

Why? When it’s 110 degrees in the excruciating heat of summer, the last thing you want is your central air system going out. We’ve put together an HVAC 101 that lets you know the best way to get your HVAC system ready for spring.

Don’t risk your well being during the hottest months of the year and get your HVAC system conditioned now.

HVAC 101: Change the Central Air Unit Filter

You probably don’t think too much about your central air filter. It’s a small flimsy part of the unit but has an important job. The AC unit sucks in air from outside the home and many times that air has everything from dust to pet dander inside it.

The filter acts as a barrier and traps those particles before they can enter the unit. Without it, the AC parts could become dirty and break down faster. The key to the filter is it allows unobstructed airflow, but also collects debris.

Over time, the filter fills up and the airflow lessens. This causes the AC unit to work harder trying to get the same amount of air. This can cause added wear and tear to the unit and cause a breakdown.

Replace the filter every three months and save yourself an expensive repair.

Clean the Central Air System

Your central air works hard over the spring and summer and sits idle during the fall and winter months. It collects dust and the parts need a good cleaning. Call an HVAC specialist to come in and do a cleaning and check out your air conditioning system.

They’ll get it in tip-top shape and check for any issues. They’ll be able to find problems in the early stages and tell you about them. It’s much cheaper fixing small problems early than waiting until they become major problems in the middle of summer.

Yearly HVAC maintenance is a good idea as part of your overall spring and summer preparedness.

Keep Your Temperature Temperate

When the outside begins to heat up, you’ll no longer need the furnace on. You want the central air to kick on instead. You likely have the thermostat set to a temperature situation for cold weather, but it’s time to set it a temperature you’ll be comfortable with for the AC.

If you want to save money over the summer, keep the temperature higher than you’d prefer and wear fewer layers. The less the central air must work, the less wear and tear on the machinery.

You’ll likely need to decrease the temperature on very warm nights, but make sure to adjust it when the outside temperature decreases. It’s important to know how your HVAC system works to maximize efficiency.

Have a Magical Spring Transition

Taking care of HVAC 101 preparations for warmer months ensures you’ll enjoy warm seasons. Don’t risk an HVAC disaster and have your system ready to go.

If you want to learn more about your HVAC system, then contact us today.

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